Studio-hopping: Aerial hoop class at Footworks Dance Studio

From the day I tried pole and aerial arts in my home base at Pole Dolls Dance Studio, I got hooked so much that I decided to try studio-hopping. Thanks to KFit, I was able to take classes from different studios in Metro Manila; one of which is at Footworks Katipunan. Footworks Dance Studio is... Continue Reading →


Kaka goes to BANGKOK: 15 things to take note when visiting the city

Prior our trip, I read several travel blogs and official websites on what to do and expect when I visit Bangkok. Now it is my turn to give my own insights on what to take note. 1. It would be best if you pick a hotel/lodging near the BTS or MRT. These two are the main... Continue Reading →

Kaka goes to BANGKOK: Pre-Trip

Bangkok has always been in my Places To Go list. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this place, especially that it is where a lot of people go for thrift shopping. This was also supposed to be a solo trip, but my fiance insisted to come. *laughs* Before heading the adventure there are, of... Continue Reading →

My soul searching journey

I've always envied people who can go to different parts of the country and of the world. Now that I am capable of doing so, I decided to take on the world one city, one country at a time.

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