Kaka goes to BANGKOK: Chatuchak Market, and the Boat Noodle Challenge

We knew from the start that we had to be mentally and physically prepared for this day. Never have I imagined I will spend (almost) the entire day walking around. I’ve read several blogs about this place saying a day is not enough to check out the entire market. Curious, we tried it ourselves and dedicated our saturday for this.


As the name implies, Chatuchak Market is mostly open on weekends from 9am to 6pm. It is also open from wednesday to friday but only certain sections of the market. Good thing we bought the Nancy Chandler’s Map of Bangkok, a pretty map actually. It is very colorful, with tips, notes, and suggested places among others. You can buy one from one of the bookstores in the mall. It is in this map we saw the floor plan of the market. Seeing the map, we knew we wouldn’t be able to explore all of the sections so we decided to check the clothes sections (there are A LOT), pet, handicrafts & designer decor and kitchenware sections.

Photo 08-10-2016, 1 31 17 AM.jpg
Chatuchak Weekend Market map from Nancy Chandler’s Map of Bangkok

To get there, we took the BTS from Ratchathewi station then got off at Mo Chit BTS station. We bought a Standard Rabbit Card-Type 1 (similar to the Hong Kong’s Octopus card and Singapore’s EZ-link) so it would be easier for us to travel via the BTS. We paid 180 Baht each for the card, having an initial load of 100 Baht (80 Baht for the initial issuing fee). You may refer to this map for the train routes.

Alighting from Mo Chit BTS station, we followed the crowd to the market. We arrived around past 10am and were surprised to see a lot of people already. We went through the different lanes (called as soi) and sections of clothing. Choices vary from cowboy to hippie to Asian apparel. There are even some pre-loved clothes. Checking this section alone took us more than 3 hours, and we did not even finish!

I got so tired so I told Jp we’d grab lunch so we can rest at the same time. I was craving for a rice meal for several days already so when I saw this small restaurant called 345 by Yorwor, I told Jp we’re going to eat here–and they did not disappoint. My order was the chicken wings on rice, while Jp ordered the spaghetti basil sauce with fried pork. It was really good! The first bite alone made me feel so happy. *haha* We also ordered fish & chips but were surprised when they served it with fries instead. Nonetheless, everything that we ordered were really delicious. This restaurant is a must try!

After being refreshed with all the food we ate, we resumed our market tour. Unfortunately for us, the heavy rain suddenly poured for a few minutes. We got kind of lazy after waiting for the rain to stop to we just bought the final items we needed from the market then left. It was around 6pm in the evening, kind of early still, so we dropped by an After You Dessert Cafe branch at La Villa Aree. We took the BTS from Mo Chit station then got off at Ari BTS station. Good thing there were not much people yet when we arrived so we were able to sit inside the cafe. This time we tried their pink lemonade and Ferrero mille crepe. The crepe tasted really good and was not that messy to eat. I’ve tried mille crepe before and there were kind of hard to deal with because of the mess.

Photo 08-10-2016, 7 40 55 PM.jpg
Pink lemonade and Ferrero mille crepe


And finally for our last dinner in Bangkok, Jp wanted to try the boat noodle challenge at The Best of Noodle Boat near Victory Monument.


It was Jp who found this place when we were looking for a restaurant to try. He told me that there is this noodle place that offers a serving for 10 Baht. When we arrived, I was surprised to see the people next to our table (there were 4 of them, all Koreans I presume) who had a tower of noodle bowls. Turns out, when you consume at least 20 bowls, you’ll only pay 10 Baht each (original price is at 12 Baht) and you’ll also receive a complimentary soda. Curious (and excited), we decided to take on the challenge.

Noodle choices sold at 12 Baht per bowl below 20 orders

We ordered the noodles thicken soup with pork and noodles thicken soup with beef. The serving is not that big–you can consume the entire bowl in one go. Caution though, they serve the noodles hot so don’t make the same mistake I did–I took one bowl at once and was literally crying because it was hot. *face palm* We kept on going until we finished all 20 bowls. Oh yeah!



Finishing those 20 bowls of noodles was no joke. I would probably abstain from eating noodles in the next few days. *haha* We went home with our tummies happy, wallets almost depleted, hands sore from carrying the items we bought from the market, but feeling contented. ~~


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