Kaka goes to CEBU: The city’s first dog cafe — Lovey Doggy

I noticed that a lot of people are becoming fond of animal-themed restaurants nowadays. In Katipunan alone, there is a dog and cat cafe. Even when we went to Bangkok, we visited House of Paws. Now Cebu has their own dog cafe — Lovey Doggy. We took notice of the place on our way home from Gaisano Country Mall that was just right across the street. When we got home, we immediately searched for it over the internet, and then we found out that their grand opening was the day after. It was drizzling on the opening day, but that didn’t stop us and the other guests from attending the opening day. As a treat, we were given free drink and goodies for every single receipt purchase.

Upon entering the shop, we were welcomed by the barking sound of the resident dogs. Before we get to play with them we had to buy at least a drink each and pay for the entrance fee of Php 100/person good for an hour. We bought lemon ade and cotton candy frappe for our drinks and some treats for the dogs with serving time of around 5 minutes. They do serve food but we were not able to buy one because our focus was more on playing with the dogs. 😀

Oh that wonderful feeling of being in a doggie heaven! There were more than 6 dogs roaming around that day. There was a poodle, pomeranian, siberian husky, beagle, french bulldog and corgi to name a few. Some were kind of snob at first, but when we started giving treats (sold at Php 10/pack), a number of dogs came to us asking for more food. 🙂 I like the idea of having a specific time slot for each customer to play with them so that no one would overstay and hog the dogs to themselves. 😀 Before entering the playpen, we were given IDs that were used to identify which customer should and should not be inside the area. There’s also an area where yu can clean your hands with alcogel and tissue.

The shop also has a second floor where you can dine in with your friends and your dog. Yes, you can bring your own dog but you should be a responsible pet parent. Make sure you bring poop bags and wet wipes or tissue to clean after your pet. There’s also a spot in the second floor where you can buy different items such as carriers, shampoo, treats, etc. The bathroom is also located at the second floor. You can easily recognize which one is for the ladies and which is for the men from the door color alone.

There are lots of comfy chairs you can relax on with you friends and pet. There are even pillows with dog breeds printed on it, and some stuffed toys to play with. I just hope they improve the lighting though because the area seem a bit dim because there’s no window and the ceiling lights are all spotlights.

All in all, it sure was a fun experience. If you are a dog lover, this is a place you must visit when you’re in Cebu. ~~


Lovey Doggy is located at GQS Plaza, Banilad road, Cebu City

Contact number: 0906 005 2177

Facebook page: Lovey Doggy


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