Kaka goes to CEBU: Living my racer dreams at KartZone

Since I was young, I am fond of racing video games. Whenever I visit an amusement center I always play Daytona USA, Maximum Tune and Mario Kart among others. There was even a point where I wanted to become a legit drag racer. 😀 But yeah, I knew the closest I can be to that is by playing video games or try karting.

It was a sunny day when we visited KartZone. We got there few minutes after they opened so we were their first customers for the day. And yes, we had the course all to ourselves. 🙂

The rate is Php 400.00 per person for 8 laps. They also have special rates during weekdays and if you opt to just do 4 laps. We also had to pay Php 25.00 for the balaclava/head mask for sanitary purposes. They also provide lockers for a fee (I forgot how much). Prior the actual race, we had to undergo briefing on the dos and don’ts on the track. Safety first, of course!

Good thing it was still early so the sun wasn’t that high yet. At first I was scared and excited, but as I drove on full throttle I was craving to go faster. I wanted to do so but the kart has its limits. 😀 There were times when JP and I almost bumped into each other. I didn’t want to lose so I floored the accelerator. 😀

I also had to get used to using both feet in driving — one for the accelerator and the other for the breaks. Although I know how to drive, it took some time before I got used with the tough steering wheel and pedals. I also had to ask for a pillow to be placed behind my back so that I can reach the pedals better. 😀

If you do not have someone to capture pictures and videos for you, you can ask the staff to take it. They are very approachable.

In the end.. I WON!


It sure was a great time spent. It would also be more fun if you’d come here with friends and race each other to the finish line! ~~


Kartzone is located at F. Cabahug street, Kasambagan, Cebu City.

Contact number: (032) 268 2553

Facebook Page: Kartzone Cebu


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