Mama Cora’s Road To Recovery

In one’s extended family, you are blessed enough if you have someone whom you can call your second mom or dad. In my case, I have my Mama Cora.

She is Corazon Igot, more popularly known as Mama Cora or Mana Azon, is my mom’s eldest sister. Since the day I was born she was at my side. She took great care of me, and loved me like her own. Whenever I’m sick, she’s always the there to look after me.  Mama’s genuine smile always makes my day lighter as she makes me feel that I always have a kakampi. Mama also likes to cook even if her hands get tired easily, and likes to keep herself busy. She doesn’t like just sitting around all day.

Mama likes receiving gifts and pasalubongs. She likes it whenever we give her food or things we buy from another place. We told her that this year we want to bring her to Singapore. I saw in her eyes how excited she was when we told her that. When I got engaged, I told her she’ll have a special role our wedding. She was so excited about it, and she even constantly told me to pick her clothes for my special day. Mama is such a simple person with a pure heart.

Last January 16, we rushed her to the hospital. She had been complaining about her tummy area looking bloated. Several tests were done, and a number of medicines were administered. Due to old age and poor health, her IV had to be repositioned several times. She also oftened complained about headache, and whenever she coughs, she wants someone to pat her chest or back for relief. The doctor told us of several probably diagnosis when we thought there was only one. Last saturday, she had to be transferred to the ICU because her heart rate was rising. It stabilized after a few hours, but she was still struggling. She is currently intubated to help her breathe properly, and hopefully her dialysis will be successful.

It’s been a week, and we are almost depleated physcially and financially. Although it hurts so much seeing and knowing she is in that state, we’re trying our best to think positively and continue praying for her recovery. I know she’s also trying her best to fight not only for herself but also for the people who cares for her.

I, on behalf of my entire family, humbly appeal to your kind hearts to please include her in your prayers. We would also greatly appreciate any donation to help us pay for her medical bills. The amount to be paid is piling up, and we have to stay away from being “red tagged” — meaning we have to pay for a certain amount by a certain date or else the medicines will not be administered. Although everyone in the family who can help does so, our funds are still not enough.

You may deposit your donation to any of these accounts and indicate that it is for Ms. Corazon Igot. Please do send us a picture of your deposit slip just so that we’d be able to track what’s coming in. You may send it to or through Viber at 09053638565.

BPI SA 9609-0487-08 | Denica E. Oarde

GCASH Mobile No. 0917-6884161 | Denica E. Oarde (you may send money for GCash through any Globe store or 7-11)

BDO 0101-5003-4121 | Lemuel I. Egot

PNB SA 1197-8710-0045 | Nilo U. Egot

We thank you in advance for any kind of help you’ll extend to our family. May God bless us all.


GOD will make a way where there seems to be no way. HE works in ways we cannot see; HE will make a way for me.



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